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Dead Man Walking


What happens when you mix 40 years of friendship, a zest for life and adventure, and more than a few near death experiences? 

Dead Man Walking Distillery is born!



The fable of the Dead Man Walking is strange to be sure,

so listen closely and judge for yourself if it’s truth or lore.

The many close calls are detailed here,

near death events scattered throughout the years.

When you stop and ponder, there are countless ways to lose your life,

and the Dead Man Walking has experienced more than his fair share of strife.

A date with tequila that ends with the worm,

is a terrible idea if you’re not strong enough to stand firm.

Electrocution, drowning, and broken necks are mere flashes

when compared to all the car, motorcycle, and boat crashes.

A Gunshot to the neck and anaphylaxis are quite shocking,

but simply blips on the radar for the Dead Man Walking.

So, come for the taste that has everyone flocking

and maybe you’ll get to meet the Dead Man Walking.

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